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  1. RFI WIRELESS: New Magnetic Mounting Solution

    The Magnetic Mic helps you stay focused..on the road when picking-up & returning your radio microphone to its holder. Its the easy to install alternative to a conventional, metal hand-up clip. Consisting of a magnetic base piece for your dash or consul, and has a disk shaped universal adaptor for the microphone itself.

    Just get the mic close and let it go, Magnetic Mic does all the work. ...
  2. MOTOROLA: New APX8000XE Portable Radio and XE500 Microphone

    Motorola Solutions introduces the APX 8000XE multiband P25 radio with Wi-Fi and the APX XE500 remote speaker microphone (RSM), both of which are designed to work in the extreme environments and gloved conditions that firefighters encounter on a regular basis, according to a company official.

    The newest entries into Motorola Solutions’ award-winning APX portfolio of Project 25 (P25) digital radios have been developed using ...

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  3. 25 Ways to Use Motorola Solutions TLKR Walkie-Talkies

  4. RFI Wireless: New Ultra Broadband Mobile Antennas

    RFI’s range of VHF/UHF Ultra Broadband antennas support multi band radio technology providing full interoperability among emergency services and commercial radios. Their no tune design eliminates the need to tune in the field, reducing installation costs and complexity while improving overall coverage of the desired frequencies.


    - Ground plane independent design ...
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  5. PRYME: New Comply™ Canal Tips

    New Comply™ CANAL TIPS are engineered to deliver maximum comfort for mission-critical communications. Extremely soft viscoelastic foam conforms to the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and secure fit. Compatible with ALL PRYME acoustic tube earpieces.

    COMPLY™ Canal Tips Special Features:

    - High-quality communication is funneled directly into the ear canal while providing ...
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